How It Works

How It Works

The "Hands Up Charity Challenge" will give businesses or private donors an opportunity to donate to a charity in a fun and unusual way! Each month, Hands Up The Pose will start a new Charity Challenge. Any business or private donor can sponsor a challenge with a minimum pledge of $100. If you would like to sponsor a Charity Challenge, there are a few things you need to tell me in your email:

First - How much you would like to donate. This would be the maximum end amount. You also need to tell me your per picture amount. Ex: "I would like to donate $2 per picture up to $100 total."

Second – Tell me the charity you would like to sponsor. The chosen charity will be the focus of our social media posts for the entire month. I will provide links to the charity’s website on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Raising awareness and funds for each charity is the main goal of the Hands Up – The Pose Charity Challenges!

Third - What you would like people to do in their "hands up" pictures to raise money for the charity. Do you want them wearing something specific? Do you want them in pairs? Groups? Do you want them with an animal or pet? It's your call! Check out previous Charity Challenge pictures for examples. At the end of the month, I will notify you with the number of pictures that were submitted and the total amount for your donation. For example, if you pledged $2 per "hands up" picture up to $200, but only 60 pictures were submitted, you would write the check to your charity for $120.

You're probably asking "Why would I do this hands up thing when I can just write a check?" Well, you could just write a check to your favorite charity, but why? When you sponsor a Charity Challenge through Hands Up – The Pose you bring international attention to your selected charity which raises awareness for the organization you've selected. Also, when you sponsor a Charity Challenge, I will profile your business and provide a link to your website for free! If I've used your product/business, I will also write a testimonial

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