Our history

How It All Began

Let's face it - I'm a fool. Ask any of my friends or former students and they'll agree that I don't take too much too seriously.


This "hands up" thing started many years ago with me - being a fool - in front of any camera that I saw. People started to call it my "signature pose" and when I was asked by a couple of former classmates to take a hands up picture with them at our 25th high school reunion in July of 2011, I thought - would other people want to do this too??? I put out a call to my Facebook friends to take equally silly and joyous hands up pictures and post them on my wall, but then, almost immediately, I wanted to go even bigger! The idea to get people all over the US and the world to take hands up pictures of themselves and send them to me started on July 10, 2011. The result is what you see on these pages.

These pictures make people smile, which makes me happy. The fact that people across the United States - and the world - have wanted to participate has brought nothing but happiness to my life. I am now more convinced than ever that, if given the opportunity, people WANT to do good things and share happiness; it's a great realization.

What I would like to do now is spread even more of this happiness by getting as many of you as possible to participate with Hands Up the Pose wherever you are! So if you're at work, do “the pose!”! If you're on vacation, do the pose! If you're in front of a famous landmark, location, or even a celebrity, do the pose! Anytime a hands up the pose moment hits you - take a picture! Send them to contact@handsupthepose.com and I'll post them. Or go to the Facebook page "Hands Up - The Pose" and post them there. Also, continue to check out the "Charity Challenge" page to see how YOU can help a charity earn a donation by putting your hands up! Thank you so much for enjoying this with me; these past five years have been amazing and fun! I look forward to continuing to collect pictures -- and donations -- for many more charities over the years.

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